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F2Z-70 apprentice straight scissor 7.0"

F2Z-70 apprentice straight scissor 7.0"

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F2Z-70 apprentice straight scissor 7.0"

F2Z-70 is one of our apprentice straight scissors in our apprentice/at-home grooming range, designed for beginners and at-home groomers who seek high-quality tools without venturing into the professional range. Lightweight with sleek design.

Our apprentice range is handmade with 9cr steel, maintaining a very sharp edge for an extended period, which reduces the need for frequent sharpening. The ergonomic offset handles fit comfortably in your grip, making it easy for beginners.

Rest assured that the product's quality aligns with our professional grooming range, as they are manufactured in the same factory.

Hardness level: 58-60HRC.

Available in 7.0 and 7.5 inch.

Surface treatment: mirror-silver.

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